ATS System for Generator in Malaysia

From time to time, utility-connected power may fail. But this doesn’t mean you will no longer be able to access continuous power. The right generator for sale or generator for rent in Malaysia can ensure consistent and continuous power supply when you cannot fully rely on utility power or grid-connected electricity.

Nonetheless, not all backup generators will automatically turn on once utility power fails. With many of these new or used generators, manual intervention is necessary. Thus, power supply may not always be continuous or consistent.

With an ATS system for generator, however, this doesn’t have to be. By opting for a generator with an automatic start, your home, business, or event will not need to deal with pesky power interruptions ever again.

Power Pro brings you some of the most reliable generators with transfer switches. Whether you need a genset in Klang Valley or Kajang or a generator rental in Gombak, we can help.

And most certainly, we can provide you with the right ATS system for your generator, regardless of capacity, type of load, and current rating requirements.


How Does an Automatic Transfer Switch Work?

Essentially, what an ATS system for generator does is immediately transfer power supply to a backup generator from a primary power source once this primary source suffers a functioning failure, an interruption, or total outage.

Simply put, a transfer switch switches the electrical load between two electrical sources.
Certain types of transfer switches are operated manually. An automatic transfer switch doesn’t require manual intervention. Once it senses a power connection loss, it will supply electrical power through the generator.

This guarantees uninterrupted power connection anytime, anywhere.


Give Us a Call at Power Pro to Buy an ATS System for Generator in Malaysia

If you need help with procuring a generator with automatic start, get in touch with us at Power Pro. We can supply you with the most suitable ATS system for the kind of generator that you use.

And if you need more knowledge on ATS systems, such as how a transfer switch works, we can also help. We can further expound on automatic transfer switch diagrams or explain further the automatic transfer switch working principle.

More than helping you choose the right systems; we also help you gain a better understanding on generator technologies and ATS systems. Message us at Power Pro today to find the ATS system for generator you truly need.