125 kVa Generator for Sale & Rental

Whether you have an upcoming event in Malaysia or an industrial job site that needs power support 24/7, procuring a generator at the right size is a must.

A 125 kVa generator is already a substantial capacity compared to the smaller capacity at which some generators operate. It can be more than sufficient for a home, an office, a construction site, or an outdoor event such as a concert performances.

But regardless of the intended use and installation of the diesel generator or gas generator, you need to choose one that sufficiently powers all your appliances and devices in one place.

Power Pro can help you make the right choice, as far as generator buying or gen set rentals are concerned. Even if you will opt for a 125 kVa generator rental instead of buying one, choosing the correct size is always paramount.


125 kVa Diesel Generator: The Importance of Getting the Appropriate Size

Given the specifications of a 125 kVa diesel generator, as well as its diesel tank capacity, why is it still important to calculate your power generation needs?

One of the most crucial reasons is that installing a generator with insufficient power capacity can result in critical system failures and operational inefficiencies. More specifically, it can damage the gen set unit itself as well as the appliances and tools connected to it.

On the other hand, installing a generator that is too big for your power needs can be a challenge to maintain, both financially and technically. The fuel consumption of a 125 kVa generator is not modest at all. If you must go for this size, make sure you really need a generator at this specific capacity.

Should You Choose a 125 kVa Generator for Sale or a 125 kVa Generator for Rent?

Now that you have identified your need for a 125 kVa power generator, the decision between buying and renting comes next.

Renting, of course, has many advantages. Some of these are logistical benefits, less expensive short-term operating costs, and specialized maintenance. The need to transport the entire weight of a 125 kVa generator will be taken care of by a generator company, thus saving you time and money.

Nonetheless, buying a generator is always an exceptional investment. This allows you to obtain permanent backup especially during dire occasions. With a backup generator in place, production and operations can continue even in times of emergencies.


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