Zone 2 Generator Malaysia

In various industries, specifically in the oil and gas industries, certain areas are considered hazardous due to the presence of flammable gases and vapors in the atmosphere. While this doesn’t mean that an explosion is likely to happen on a normal basis, it does require safety precautions and the use of proper equipment. One of these crucial types of equipment is a Zone 2 generator.

Here at Power Pro, we have an array of Zone 2 hazardous area generators for your specific application or industry. Whether you’re planning to buy a diesel generator or a Zone 2 genset for rent, we can give them to you at the best rates.

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What are Zone 2 Diesel Generators For?

Compared to the usual types of generators for sale, Zone 2 generators are a more specialized set. These types of generators are designed for installation or operation in hazardous zones, also classified as Zone 2.

Typically, hazardous areas are categorized into zones as a way to evaluate the potential incidence of an explosive gas atmosphere. Although an explosion is not expected to occur during normal operations within a Zone 2 area, safety measures are nevertheless important. As much as possible, choose a Zone 2 generator that suits your operational, safety, and precautionary requirements.


The Need for a Trusted Zone 2 Generator Supplier and Zone 2 Generator Components

So, how do you choose a Zone 2 power-generating system? Given the wealth of manufacturers, models, and features to choose from, going for a trustworthy supplier already gets half of the work done.

It’s crucial to understand that a Zone 2 generator will have various components that set them apart from regular land generators or other types of gen sets. Some of these typical components include highly-rated alternators, flame-proof inlet manifolds, flame-protected heat exchangers, water-cooled turbo, and many others.

It’s also common for some models to possess additional features such as mobile capabilities, light protection, and noise minimization. There are various generators for hazardous areas available for sale or rent, so going for a trusted supplier is crucial. Operational safety, which extends from equipment to workers, is always paramount.

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