Generator for Mall

A shopping mall is basically a conglomeration of fashion boutiques, beauty stores, grocery shops, salons, cafes and restaurants, and even cinemas. This means shopping malls are a magnet for people looking to buy the things they need/want and the experiences they can afford.

The last thing mall customers would want to happen is a complete blackout right in the middle of their shopping, dining, or movie viewing experience. Without a doubt, blackouts and unscheduled power interruptions can translate to significant revenue losses.

A generator for shopping malls, thus, is more than just an option; it is a necessity.

If you’re planning to invest in a diesel generator set for your shopping establishment, or even a generator for events such as concerts, talk to us at Power Pro.

Power Pro carries a wealth of manufacturer brands specializing in home, commercial, or agricultural gen sets. Most specifically, we provide power generators as well as gen set spare parts for mall installations all across Malaysia.


Why is It Important to Invest in a Mall Generator?

A shopping mall accommodates a diverse range of shops within one expansive location. Most malls stretch up to several floors, interconnected by elevators or escalators. Some malls even go several floors underground.

To promote the right shopping ambience, malls need to have properly-installed air conditioning or heating. And to perpetually cater to hungry shoppers, restaurant kitchens, cafes, and food carts have to be operating efficiently during mall hours.

Mall operations can become hampered without sufficient and consistent power supply. As a result, equipment can sustain damage. Food can spoil. Revenues can drastically decrease. And with shoppers having to deal with non-functioning escalators or a humid shopping space, a mall can easily lose customers to the competition.

By partnering with a genset supplier in Malaysia, you are not only protecting the interest of your mall tenants. Most importantly, you are taking care of their customers and your potentially returning clients.

Need Help in Buying a Generator for Shopping Mall? Power Pro is Your Source

Thankfully, Power Pro makes available both portable generators for sale and industrial-sized generators for rent.

And if you need a backup generator with capacities of anywhere from 500kVa to 1200kVa for your shop or an entire mall, we can procure it for you, too.

Give your shopping mall the gen set system it deserves.

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