Why Use Diesel Generator?

To the uninitiated, a diesel generator may just be like any other generator — a source of reliable and consistent power supply especially during an outage.

However, a generator can run on different kinds of fuel, with diesel being one of them. There are various kinds of gen sets that run on gasoline, propane, natural gas, and others.

But why use a diesel generator? What are the pros and cons in using diesel engines or diesel generators? Are there disadvantages to this kind of generator equipment?

Here at Power Pro, we aim to help you make an informed choice. More than offering you a range of brand-new and second-hand diesel generators, we can also demystify the confusion surrounding diesel generator sets in general.


Highlighting the Benefits of a Diesel Generator

There are various applications of diesel engines. Some of these are for construction machinery and equipment, vehicles, mining, agricultural projects, and generator operation. In terms of advantages, some of the pros in using a diesel generator are:

  • Fuel efficiency
    Diesel fuel is associated with high energy density, which then leads to better diesel generator efficiency. The higher mileage produced by a diesel engine also makes it an optimal choice for vehicles and transportation.
  • Low maintenance
    Due to a diesel engine operating on compression instead of spark ignition, a diesel generator doesn’t require as much maintenance cost as gasoline-powered generators.
  • Noise-minimization features
    Despite the reputation of old diesel engines being noisy and clunky in operation, the more recent models already have noise minimization features in place. This way, you get the efficiency of diesel operation and the comfort of soundproofed power sourcing.
  • Flexible 
    Many types of generators, from land generators to marine generators, run on diesel engines. Regardless of the installation required, there is a diesel gen set ideal for your home, office, business, or industry.


Are there Disadvantages of Diesel Generators?

Just like any type of generator, diesel fueled generators may have some drawbacks. For instance, the older models of diesel generator sets can be noisy while in use. One popular comment with a diesel engine, moreover, is that diesel is sold more expensively than gasoline.

The disadvantages of diesel generators, however, are far outweighed by their advantages. Despite the purported higher price of diesel, it can be sufficiently compensated for by its efficiency as a fuel and assurance of higher mileage.

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And if you need more information regarding diesel use or diesel generator parts and functions, we can help you, too. It’s no surprise why the use of diesel generators has remained popular.

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