100 kVa Generator for Sale and Rent

If you presently operate a business, manage a construction site, or oversee a manufacturing plant, you surely know how devastating a power outage can be.

And yet, it’s not enough to purchase the first power generator that you see on sight. Choosing the right generator size is just as vital as having the right generator backup for emergencies.

Here at Power Pro, we make sure you are able to obtain the necessary emergency generator at the right capacity. Whether you need a smaller 25 kVa generator or a bigger 100 kVa generator, our specialists at Power Pro can lead you to the right model, manufacturer or type.

But how do you exactly know whether a 100 kVa generator for sale or a 100 kVa generator rental is the right one for your installation?


The Need for Proper Calculation --- 100 kVa Generator Specifications and More

The only way for you to identify whether a 100 kVa generator hire or purchase is ideal for you is to calculate an estimate of your electrical load requirements. This is done by arriving at the sum total of the electrical load requirements of all your appliances and tools in case of a power outage.

Typically, these wattage details are visible on the product manual or label of each appliance or device in your own residence or commercial/industrial site. It also helps to give an allowance for variations between the starting wattage and running wattage of each tool or device.

Although a 100 kVa generator can be sufficient for certain types of applications or installations, it may either be too big or too small for others. For instance, it can end up being too much for home use but still insufficient for a construction site or manufacturing plant. Thus, calculating your power requirements is a must.

100 kVa Diesel Generator: Benefits in Choosing the Correct Size

When it comes to generators, size matters. A generator in a more or less ideal size can result in positive results both in terms of production efficiency and generator longevity.

Some of these benefits are:

  • No system malfunction or shutdown
  • No overloading
  • Improved backup generator life span
  • Employee or personnel safety


Looking for a Good 100 kVa Generator Price? View Our Selections at Power Pro

Here at Power Pro, we can match you to the generator that’s ideal for your unique needs.

If you’re specifically looking for a 100 kVa generator for rent or the same generator for sale, we can assist you in your search.

Power Pro understands the clear importance of a reliable gen set for the home, office, or commercial and industrial uses. Get in touch with one of our generator specialists at Power Pro today.