Sizing a Generator

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to generators. With various capacities available, how do you pick the power generator or standby generator that produces optimal power for your daily home or business consumption needs? If you’re buying a 5kVa generator for sale, what can a 5kVa generator power in your home? Is an industrial generator sizing calculator helpful when sizing a generator?

Here at Power Pro, we make sure you understand what sizing means when it comes to generator buying or renting.

Power Pro offers more than just the right generator from a selection of reputable manufacturer brands. Just as importantly, we aim to educate our consumers on various generator sizes, fuel consumption levels, and what it means to pick the wrong or right-sized power generating equipment.


Benefits in Getting a Generator in the Right Size

With the various advantages in installing a generator in the right size, using a generator capacity calculator will always come in handy. This will allow you to buy a generator that suits your power needs and to accomplish the following as benefits:

  • prevention of generation overload
  • averting potential shutdown
  • performance improvement
  • user safety guarantee
  • devices and appliances protection


Commercial Generator Sizing Calculator: Crucial Factors to Consider

Some of the biggest questions that accompany a generator purchase center on size requirements. It’s not uncommon for buyers to ask questions like, “What will a 4,000 watt generator run in a house?” or more generally, “What generator size do I need for my house?”

To make sure that you’re buying or renting a generator in the right size, the following considerations are crucial:

  • Your power generation needs
    How many appliances/devices are necessary to run your house or business efficiently? A central air conditioner can require up to 6,000 of running wattage. A running pump may need another 1,000 watts. Will your generator be able to provide for these without overloading or failing?
  • Existing budget — to buy or rent?
    Do you have the budget for the generator size you need? Or will it be wiser to go for a gen set rental instead? It’s always better to rent the right-sized generator than to buy a generator in the incorrect size.
  • Usage — land or water?
    Land generators may not be used in marine environments, and vice versa. Be careful with picking a generator in the right size but for the wrong installation or application.

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