Diesel Generator Fuel Consumption per Hour

An important piece of information you need to have when buying or renting any kind of generator — in Malaysia or anywhere — is its fuel consumption.

The last thing you will want to do in the event of a power cut is refilling the generator with fuel every hour because you ended up installing a not-so-efficient backup generator.

Nonetheless, the fuel consumption of a generator can be dependent on several factors. A genset that uses more power will understandably drink up more fuel.

When looking at the fuel consumption per hour of a 100 kVa generator, for example, it’s not only vital to consider the size of the generator. You will also need to factor in the length of time it is being used, the appliances or tools attached to it, and the type of fuel.

Interested in knowing the diesel consumption of a 30 kVa generator or even a Cummins 500kVa diesel generator for your business in Damansara or Kepong?

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Diesel Generator Efficiency Calculation Chart according to Fuel Consumption per Capacity

The following chart shows a fuel consumption estimation of gen sets when in operation. The figures simply approximate the amount consumed according to diesel generator size and moderate usage.

To get the closest estimate, it will be best for you to consult with a trusted generator expert or specialist in your location within Malaysia.

GENERATOR SIZE ½ Load ( gallon per hour) Full  (gallon per hour)
20kW/ 25kVa 0.9 1.6
24kW/ 30kVa 1.4 2.8
36kW/ 45kVa 1.6 3.3
40kW/ 50kVa 2.3 4.0
48kW/ 60kVa 3 4.9
80kW/ 100kVa 4.2 7.3
100kW/ 125kVa 4.1 7.4
120kW/ 150kVa 5.8 10.8
160kW/ 200kVa 7.8 14.5
200kW/ 250kVa 7.7 14.4
240kW/ 300kVa 11.4 21.5
320kW/ 400kVa 14.8 28.7
400kW/ 500kVa 18.6 35.6
480kW/ 600kVa 22 42.7
640kW/ 800kVa 31 61.2
800kW/ 1,000kVa 36.3 71.2


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Given the complex formula for the fuel consumption of a diesel engine, consulting with a trustworthy gen set supplier is always recommended.

With the varied usage of a power generator furthermore —from residential use to server rooms and data centers and agricultural job sites — you cannot afford to a gen set that wastes your time on fuel refilling.

As much as possible, seek guidance from your reliable generator supplier in Malaysia. For your home, commercial, or industrial generator needs, contact us at Power Pro.

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