60 kVa Generator For Sale & For Rent in Malaysia

One of the most crucial, though sometimes overlooked, factors in generator-buying or generator-renting is the size of the gen set or generator unit. Regardless of the generator brand or model you buy, if it cannot cater to your household or industry requirements, it will not be the best generator size for you.

Power Pro carries a selection of generator brands and types, from land generators and marine generators to portable generators for events and picnics. If you need a 60 kVa generator or a 500 kVa generator for industrial purposes, Power Pro can provide them to you.

Our mission is to match you to the right generator for specific purposes. And given the importance of generator sizing, we make sure you end up with one that satisfies your distinct power backup requirements.


Choosing a 60 kVa Generator for Sale: Is Cheapest Always Best?

In an effort to save on acquisition costs, you may be tempted to go for the 60 kVa generator rental or the 60 kVa diesel generator with the lowest price. Another possible reason for this is with a generator only on standby, going for a cheaper model may be better.
This doesn’t have to be so. Power Pro can help you find a reasonably priced power generator, but the lowest 60 kVa generator price doesn’t always mean it’s the most favorable.

If possible, take time to see what you really need as far as power backup is concerned. This will allow you to become acquainted with the power consumption needs of your home or business. You can also look into various generator features such as low-noise levels, automatic transfer switches, and fuel efficiency.

60 kVa Generator Specifications: Calculating What You Need

In a nutshell, your generator has to be able to power your appliances, equipment, and tools in consideration of their respective wattage differences.

A refrigerator for example will require up to 700 watts for full functioning, while a washing machine up to 1,200 watts. Industrial tools like a disc sander may need up to 1,200 watts, with a circular saw requiring another 1,200 in wattage. It’s important for you to take time with the wattage sum computation before you invest in a 60 kVa generator for rent or for sale.


Let Power Pro Help You in Choosing the 60 kVa Generator for Hire

If you need a professional to help you in your generator shopping journey, let Power Pro be your guide.

We can assist you on various matters from questions on the fuel consumption of a 60 kVa generator to possible areas of concern on repair and maintenance.

Allow Power Pro to help you with your backup generator needs. Talk to one of our specialists today.