Generator for Residential Purposes

For some residents in Malaysia and anywhere, the occasional power failure can simply be a nuisance and not the end of the world.

But when you have a child in the house, an elderly dependent on a medical apparatus, or a home-based business, power interruptions can be risky, life-threatening, and financially precarious. And if you reside in an area where blackouts and load shedding are lengthy and frequent, these can pose huge problems.

This is why a generator for residential use is often a practical investment.

If you’re planning to purchase the best standby generator for your home, Power Pro can provide you with valuable models from a range of manufacturer brands.

Our available silent generator for home use, power generators, and even boat generators come outfitted with a host of user-friendly features. We can also offer them to you for sale or rent, at the best prices in most areas of Malaysia.


Picking a Home Generator at the Right Size

If you’re like some homeowners, you will end up choosing a backup generator that fails to give you exactly what you need. As much as possible, take time to think which generator is going to be a good fit for your household needs.
Knowing and picking the right size is a good place to start. When powering the entire house, whole house generator sizing is crucial. A Honda whole house generator with the right capacity will ideally be a good choice.

If, however, you only need to power up your computer or fridge during power failures, a smaller portable generator can be sufficient.

Some Features You May Need from a Generator for Residential Use

Once you have identified the best size for your household needs, you may look into the following features as useful choice parameters:

  • Low-oil meter
    To prevent damage, this feature shuts off the generator automatically once oil levels become too low.
  • Automatic start
    Eliminating the need for manual starting, this feature is helpful if you’re not always at home.
  • Noise minimization
    Sleep more soundly even with the generator operating until sundown.
  • Alternative fuel option
    If you want a fuel-flexible unit, opt for one that can accommodate more than one fuel type, or one that can be convertible through kits.


Buy or Rent a Generator for Residential Installation from Power Pro

Not sure which residential generator is the best for your household, given your budget? Our generator specialists at Power Pro are more than happy to help.

Our options extend to generator sizes, fuel types, various manufacturer brands, and even the choice to buy or simply rent.

We can be your trusted generator selector in Malaysia. Get in touch with us at Power Pro today.