Server Room Generator in Malaysia

A server room is a sophisticated network of computer servers containing crucial data for the operations of an organization or e-commerce business.

Once the servers stop working, whether due to a power outage or some other reason, a lot will be placed at risk. Over time, this can result in diminished profits, lost opportunities, and compromised reputability.

This is why a server room generator in Malaysia is one of the best investments you can make for your existing and expanding IT infrastructure. Power Pro can be your partner in Malaysia as you search for the generator that’s ideal for your server room requirements.

Whether you like to opt for a diesel generator or a gas generator, we can assist. And if you need related services, such as generator sizing, or helpful advice such as data center generator best practices, we can be your partner, too.

From smaller, more portable generators to a commercial-sized gen set, an emergency power source will always be a requirement for seamless online operations.


The Need for Server Rooms to Be Equipped with Backup Generators

Server room power is a requisite to fully-functioning server rooms. Without the support of computer safe generators, the following may be inevitable:

  • Productivity losses
    Without an available server, company employees cannot access important apps and tools that they need for work. This will mean productivity downtime from as short as a few hours to as long as several days or weeks.
  • Revenue losses
    Downed servers will make your e-commerce site inaccessible. During the entire time that your site cannot be accessed by your customers, you are losing out on potential sales and revenues.
  • Opportunities down the drain
    In addition to lost productivity and revenues, opportunity losses can also result. While your servers are down due to power outage and you don’t have a backup generator in place, you are losing out on profitable deals, partnerships, and even networking opportunities.
  • Data Compromise/Loss
    While server downtime may not necessarily lead to immediate data loss, it can adversely affect cyber security processes and potentially expose confidential data to hacking attacks.

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Without a doubt, server rooms are an all-too-important component of your organization or online business. To protect your company from potential losses in data and revenue, you will need reliable backup generators.

If you need to procure genset for sale for your server room, Power Pro is here.

We can help you look for the power generator that guarantees the optimal dependability of your server room. Your company deserves it.

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