New Generator vs Used Generator

When it comes to buying generators for sale in Malaysia, two distinct options will be available: new vs used generators. In the Malaysian generator market, choices are not only limited to brand new generators. Options also include used generators from different manufacturer brands, in varying size and capacities.

But how do you know whether a used 3-phase generator for sale is a better choice for you? Will a brand-new land generator prove to be a better investment especially for the long term?

Here at Power Pro, we can help you make the right choice. Read further to know the many differences between used and new generators available from suppliers.


New Vs Used --- Which One is a Better Choice for a Generator?

The first step in purchasing a generator is to pinpoint its specific application — will it be used as a primary power source, for land use or in watery environments, or simply as backup? Once you have this information, you can proceed to your choice from among a selection of brands and manufacturers.

One huge advantage to buying new generators — for example a marine generator or a boat generator — is the warranty backup provided for by manufacturers. Warranty coverage is typically anywhere from one year to two years.

It’s also possible to have these warranties with a used generator if you go for surplus generators. These generators are still relatively new, although they are sold at a much lower price. With a warranty however, these items are often pricier compared to other used models.

The biggest advantage to buying used generators is the price. It’s not unlikely for you find used generators priced at 50% less than their brand new counterparts.

A vital question to ask when buying a used generator is whether the equipment was employed as a primary power source or as back up source. Ideally, you will want to go for a backup generator or one that has been used primarily on standby.


Planning to Buy a New or Used Diesel Generator? Talk to Us at Power Pro Today

The truth is that there are no major drawbacks to buying used generators as long as you choose one from a trusted manufacturer. It is also crucial to consider your unique requirements especially when buying a used 20kw diesel generator for sale or a used 15kw diesel generator for sale. At the end of the day, size and capacity do matter.

With high prices associated with brand-new generators, there’s no surprise that used generator sales are already on the rise. Don’t let anyone tell you that buying used standby generators is a mistake.

Allow us at Power Pro to help. If you need assistance with buying new vs used generators, we are your experts. Get in touch with us at Power Pro today.

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