Glossary of Terms

Not everyone who ventures into generator buying or renting in Malaysia comes equipped with the right set of terminologies. In fact, even those who are quite familiar with generators for sale or generators for rent will need help every now and then.

This generator glossary of terms serves as a valuable resource for anyone dealing with generator selections, installation, or repair.

Whether you’re planning to buy a Cummins diesel generator or to rent a Honda generator with a 500 kVa size, this generator glossary will come in handy.


Essential Generator Terminology

  • Alternating Current
    The flow of current that starts from zero, increases to a positive maximum and goes down to a negative maximum before resuming back to zero.
  • Backup Generator
    This generator type is employed during an unexpected interruption or loss of power to deliver the emergency and necessary power load.
  • Current
    Whether referring to direct current or alternating current, this refers to the electrical charge flow of electrons and atoms.
  • Direct Current
    A type of current where the electrical charge follows a single direction at all times, such as in a battery.
  • Diesel Engine
    An internal combustion engine whose fuel ignites when air temperature within the cylinder is elevated through a process called mechanical compression.
  • Diesel Generator
    A diesel generator usually comes with a diesel engine and an alternator to generate electricity. This generator type is also known to automatically start during a power outage.
  • Distribution
    This refers to the electric power supply of a smaller voltage from a central location to individual ports or locations.
  • Dynamo
    Dynamo is a device that employs electromagnetism to generate direct current electricity.
  • Electric Generator
    This refers to a generator device that creates electrical power through its conversion from mechanical energy.
  • Genset
    A generator set is composed of an electric generator and a diesel engine.
  • Non-utility Generator
    Also known as an IPP or Independent Power Producer, this generator is connected to an electrical grid but supplies electricity to end users or individual users.
  • Power outage
    This refers to the loss of electrical power within a certain location, whether for the long term or short term.
  • Standby Generator
    This refers to a permanently connected generator that supplies a main or supplemental power supply in place of the usual source.
  • Kw
    Kw is a unit of power also known as kilowatt, which converts to 1,000 watts.
  • kVa
    kVa is known as kilovolt-ampere, which converts to 1,000 volt-amperes.
  • Volt
    Known also for its “V” emblem, the volt is a single unit of electromotive force.
  • Voltage
    This refers to the electric potential variance between points.
  • Watt
    Watt, which is a power unit, converts to one joule per second.


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