Helpful Tips on Buying Used Generators in Malaysia

Planning to invest in a generator on a limited budget? You can find a lot of used generators for sale by previous owners at less expensive prices. But how do you choose which ones to go for?

Here at Power Pro, we not only provide a helpful selection of new and used generators at great prices. We can also help you find the best possible used generator for your home, business, or industry.

Check our helpful tips on buying a used generator below.


Used Generator Selection Guide in Malaysia

Before you pay for a used generator, it pays to look into the following factors first:

  • Manufacturer reputability
    Not all diesel generator manufacturers are created equal. If you must go for a used gen set, make sure you choose one that has been manufactured by a reputable brand or company.
  • Used generator history
    Take time to know more about the second-hand generator you’re set to buy. For how long has it been in use? Has it been installed as a secondary or primary generator? Things like these can tell you whether the gen set is going to be a worthy buy in the end.
  • Prior maintenance
    Has the generator been properly maintained throughout its prior life? Have issues, if any, been addressed or fixed promptly and effectively?
  • Physical appearance
    Has certain parts of the generator already corroded? Does the generator look physically well-maintained or otherwise? Dents, scratches, and cracks can be telltale signs of wear, tear, and even abuse.
  • Supplier credibility
    From where or from whom are you procuring the used generator? Are your suppliers experts at generator efficiency? Can they guide you into making a good purchase? Can they help on how to load test a used generator to determine its present efficiency?With the various types and uses of generators, getting expert tips from specialists is already a huge step.Power Pro makes sure you have access to the right knowledge so you always know what you are paying for.


Interested to Buy a Used Diesel Generator? Talk to Us at Power Pro

Buying a used portable generator or used standby generators for the first time can be challenging. You may not have sufficient background in some of the crucial technicalities, such as generator load or purchasing genset spare parts.

Power Pro is here to help. From purchasing new gen sets to used generators for your home or business, we can guide you all the way.

If you need more information on buying new vs used generators, we can assist. Our tips on buying a used generator are meant to offer you a handy guide.

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